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Planning to buy your retirement home in the Sequim, Washington area? Don't wait another day before you retain Chuck Marunde as your Buyer's Agent. You won't find a more qualified and loyal Broker to represent your best interests.

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The Best Way To Find Your Perfect Home: Hire the Best Buyer's Agent

The depth of knowledge and experience in your Sequim Buyer's Agent makes all the difference.


Finding The Ideal Retirement Home

Finding the ideal location in a new area requires special local knowledge, and Chuck Marunde moved to Sequim 29 years ago. He knows the area intimately. Even within Clallam County, there are unique issues, such as drainage, well water, septic systems, and access to power and Internet. Listing agents do NOT always tell you all you need to know.


Negotiating/Due Diligence

You want a Sequim Buyer's Agent with a deep knowledge of real estate, and Chuck Marunde has that with 20 years as a Real Estate Attorney, nearly as many as a real estate broker, author of over 2,000 free online articles for buyers, and author of Sequim Real Estate Books. Seriously, if you can find any other Sequim Realtor who can bring all this to the table for you, hire him immediately.

Testimonials About Chuck Marunde

Having Chuck Marunde as our agent has been a fantastic journey! First of all, he has written an amazing book, “The Sequim Real Estate Trilogy,” about how to buy property in Sequim. That is what initially sold us on working him, as his book is packed full of everything you need to know about Sequim and how to buy property here. Considering his depth and breadth of experience regarding the Sequim real estate market, we decided that we just had to work with him! At first, we wondered, “Will he have time for us?” Well, he not only had time, but he went over and above what we would have expected, spending a generous amount of time with each viewing! My wife and I fondly refer to Chuck as our “forensic realtor” because he has an uncanny knack for seeing all of the clues that a house has and is able to bring to light all of the things that are really important to consider before buying one. Again and again he was able to point out important considerations that we would have completely missed on our own. We realized very quickly that we could trust Chuck with one of the most important decisions of our life! Chuck has, by nature, a wonderfully curious mind that goes very deep when looking at a home - leaving “no rock unturned” so to speak. On a final note, Chuck has such positive energy radiating from him and it was truly a pleasure working with him! We are deeply grateful and beyond happy for the beautiful home that he helped us find!

bruce manaka

I’ve known Chuck Marunde for several years. My wife and I bought and sold several houses through his services. He always had our best interests at heart. He helped us set or negotiate a reasonable price, and made sure there was a clear and open line of communication. He responded rapidly to email and phone calls and always knew the best person to contact for the various services involved in a transaction. I have worked with quite a few real estate agents, and Chuck is right at the top of my list of good ones. Actually, Chuck is first and foremost just a good person, and he carries his personal honesty and integrity over into his profession. He has the greatest depth of experience in real estate of any agent or broker I have known. His years of practicing real estate law prior to becoming a broker are evident in the meticulous care he takes with the process and documentation. I am impressed by the way Chuck has integrated internet services into his real estate business. He probably knows more about this process than any other Realtor in the country. In this tight market it is important to use every possible means to spread the word about available properties…to reach the few people who might be interested in a particular property.

steve lambert

The Best Way To Find Your Perfect Home in Sequim

MLS Listings

Beware of MLS listings that are incomplete or do not represent the property accurately. This is why you want your own Buyer's Agent to represent your best interests and protect you.

"Chuck Marunde is the best Buyer's Agent!"

Location is Everything

Every area has unique real estate issues, and you definitely want a long time local real estate buyer's agent who knows those unique issues, which are traps for the unwary buyer.

Luxury Property

Buying a million dollar home? Investing a lot of money in your retirement home is not a game for inexperienced Realtors, not when it comes ot your money.

Massive Sequim Real Estate Resources for Buyers

No one has published more Sequim real estate resources on the Internet free for buyers than Chuck Marunde has, and that's by an order of magnitude.

The largest Sequim Real Estate Blog with over 2,000 content-rich articles written by Chuck Marunde specifically to answer every question buyers have been asking about buying a home in Sequim for over two decades. To read this blog or search for answers in the huge database of articles, just go to the Menu above and look for "Sequim Blog".

A Sequim Real Estate Youtube channel with 100's of videos for Buyers, also scripted and published by Chuck Marunde. No other Sequim Realtor has created these kinds of professional quality and content-rich videos for buyers. To watch these videos, just go to the Menu above and go to "Sequim Videos".

Sequim real estate books, specifically 9 books written by Chuck Marunde for buyers, and hosted on Amazon as well as BooksOnline.Club. Some are in eBook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook editions, and others are not available in all editions. To read Chuck's books, you can go to the book drop down menu on the Sequim Blog, or you can search Amazon, or you can go to i the category titled "Real Estate & Investing," or you can simply go the the Menu above and click on Books.

Chuck Marunde is Washington's premier Exclusive Buyer's Agent.
Why would you hire anyone else as your Sequim Buyer's Agent?

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